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Dear Ms Bligh,

Although I am a Greens voter, this election I will be directing my preferences to the LNP. This is not something I thought I could ever do, but I cannot support the Labor Party as long as it is prepared to build the Traveston Dam.


Dams are not the answer to the water problems we face. Countless times, we have had days of heavy rain in Brisbane, only to hear on the news that none of it fell in the dams. Yet, what is a water tank if not a mini-dam?


Rather than trying to guess where the next rainfall will be and building yet another dam, why not capture the rain that falls in Brisbane by buying water tanks for all Brisbane households? Owning a water tank is a responsibility that most people are prepared to bear and even feel good about because they are making a contribution to the environment. Yet for many, it is too expensive.


The Rudd Government has shown enough courage to buy ceiling insulation as part of its economic stimulus. Why can’t the Bligh Government show equal courage and buy water tanks for every Queensland household and stimulate our economy?


I’m sure you are aware that there is a real possibility that building the Traveston Dam will cause the extinction of several species by depriving them of their water supply.. It will also create havoc for many farmers who depend on that water for our food supplies.


I hope that you will consider announcing a change to your policy on the Traveston Dam before the election. If not, I will have no other option but to preference the LNP.

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